Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parsimony Market & Luciana!

Hey guys...sorry to keep you waiting on new projects...but I have been super busy working on a business venture and the big news is ... I am finally getting a puppy! I am road tripping to Idaho tomorrow with Ashton to pick her up. She is a French Bulldog that we named "Luciana." We are going to call her Luci for short. She is adorable and this is fullfilling a dream of mine that I have had for several years now to have a Frenchie. I am so anxious to bring her home. Here is a picture of her.
The breeder sent me a video of her yesterday playing with her sister. She is lively and just so chubby and cute. She is going to get along wonderfully with our little Boston Terrier "Pickle."
The business venture I have been working on is launching soon. I opened an Etsy store called "Parsimony Market." The definition of Parsimony is "extreme frugality." Let's face it...if you are reading this then you are someone who exhibits the trait of parsimony!! I am opening up my vintage world to the public in two ways. You can click the link on my page to visit my store. I only have about 15 items left as I have already sold some things...YAY! Will be placing more items this afternoon. The other way I will offer my items is still a "secret" of sorts until I launch. Until then...go out and find some cool stuff and happy thrifting! XOXO...the thrift addict


rjhuett said...

Such a cute puppy! Have fun on your road trip.

mrshillarysal said...

oh. my. she is so presh. i can't wait to meet her!