Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some quickie projects!

Life gets busy for most of us doesn't it? Before we know it a week has passed and we don't seem to know where the time went. Here's a list of a few quick projects...Worked on this antique cabinet with my friend Jane...love how it turned out! Did a quick re-do on a lamp shade as well.
I love the details on these little wooden insets for the doors. So cute!
Painted with a brush on the front and then sprayed on the back. I sanded them off a little bit to shabby them up before Jane put them back in the doors.

This is the after photo although it was before Jane cleaned off the paint from the glass. We were sort of in a hurry. She had to get it into her new bigger booth at A & J Antique store!! I always love spending time with her. She is so much fun and we are a great creative team!

This next project was so much fun. I found the lamp at Goodwill and the shade was in a corner of ARC. Put them together and really enjoyed the way the finished product looked in my booth after I added some little flowers to the shade. These are so feminine and cottagey (there's that word again!)

I cut up a shirt that had the cute cut out embroidery fabric and put it together in a flower. Added an antique brass grommet and a little rhinestone for accent. Love this look! Hot glue holds the flowers on the shade. Here's another shot.

It is in my booth at A & J's between these two cute little purple chairs that I think I may have actually sold yesterday??? Here's the finished product.
Loving this look right now. Just adds such a distinct touch to a room. You can go overboard with the feminine florals in a room but I like to sprinkle a few. Then it is more of a surprise to the eye!
Happy Thrifting! XOXO the thrift addict.

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mrshillarysal said...

oh. my GOSH!!! this lamp?!?! for real?! love it mommyyyy<3