Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From drab to GoRGeOus!!!

Started stalking this hutch at a local Thrift Store about a month ago. They had a big sale where it was marked 25% off but I didn't have the cash available to purchase it at the time. That is one area of improvement I need to work on in my thrifting. To be a true addict you must pursue your addiction and sometimes I sort of just fall into it...LOL! Not an overachieving addict I must say, but nonetheless...still got a great deal on it. I sold a large piece in my booth and due to other responsibilities in my life, husband, kids etc....I didn't have another large piece ready so I had to pull my gorgeous red hutch from my entry hall at home to put in my booth to fill the space. That meant that I needed something to replace it. Long story...I went back to the Thrift Store and there my treasure still sat. I went to the counter and made an offer (25% off) and they took it! Brought it home and let it sit for about a week because I just couldn't decide on a color. The screen in the front threw me off. I love this piece. So different and cute. Curved legs, beautiful architecture and fittings but not right in it's original wood finish. Here is what I did.
It is a great piece with good "bones"
There is no glass behind this screen. It is just a screened in cabinet. It has very french styling. That is why I painted it a shabby chic white.
Gorgeous antique brass fittings.
Two coats of flat white paint. Mine is actually called "eggshell white" It is not stark, but not yellowed. Just a nice neutral white.
Two coats, let dry then use 3X sandpaper to distress edges and hardware. Didn't want to use a gripper base on this to kill out old finish because I wanted the old wood finish to come through after the distressing.
You can see the wood finish in tact under the sanded off finish.

So much more character when painted.

Cute carved feet can be seen and appreciated so much more now that you can see the architecture come out.
HERE IS THE AFTER!!! I am so happy with how it turned out. It is just gorgeous. I love it!!!
I found this piece for a good price. If it ends up in the booth, It will retail for $495-$595 which is still an amazing price for a solid wood, well built piece with such intricate carving and interesting architecture.
Happy Thrifting! XOXO the thrift addict.

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