Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a DUMP!!!

My friend Mary B. is such fun to be around. A devoted thrifter and although I haven't suggested the intervention yet...complete thrift addict...Mary knows how to get a good deal. When she told me that she scored some free paint and mixed a custom color for the walls of her new office space, I was curious. I know CHEAP...but FREE??? She told me that we need only to take a quick trip to the landfill aka "dump" (remember that I am from Texas...lol) to find exactly the right shade. At 8:15 a.m. she was pulling up in front of the house and off we went. You have to pull into the outside lane at the gate and then around to the metal building. You walk in and there are shelves of everything from stain to paint to cleaning products. It's all FREE! You can feel good about it because it isn't going into the soil at the dump and you are recycling other people's throw aways! A thrift addicts dream. I came home with two gallons of paint and about 7 small cans in sample sizes plus two quarts of stain. Mary went away with a couple of gallons of paint, some non-splash bleach and some fabric softener. Did I mention it was FREE! Alright you thrifters...grab your friend (the one that shares her secrets about free stuff) and head to the dump...the ultimate thrift store!

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