Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My new booth at A & J's

I have been busy working on lots of projects for the new booth at A & J Antique Mall in Fort Collins. I am putting in some items for my mom who is wanting to dabble a bit in the dealer world. I am just going to post some photos of the new booth and go over a few staging techniques as I am busy today and don't have a ton of time for blogging. Here goes. When you stage, remember three elements of design. Shine, Texture, Color. When I stage, I try to find those three elements in some form and use them together. I also use black or dark for "grounding" and to add interest. Here are some photos of what worked for me.

The closeup of this table gives the example of color shine and texture. Color is the fruit, shine is the lanterns along with a grounding black color and texture is the baskets.
Most of the items in my booth are from thrifting, garage and estate selling and buying at discount stores. It is a full time job for me and well worth the unique finds that are offered in my booth. I love to give instructions so if you have questions please ask. There is enough business for everyone! XOXO the thrift addict.

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