Thursday, March 10, 2011

Breakfast room Bliss

Our round breakfast table has been a favorite place for our family to gather for about a year. I found it at the antique store where I have my booth. It was $375 for the table and six chairs. They are french country styling with a warm vanilla patina. The seats are rush woven and it is all counter height. I was working on Taylor's booth at A & J's when I spied it. The table had arrived only an hour before I got there and it was screaming "This is a Grant table!" from the next booth over. I fell in love and put it in layaway...(we were paying for Hillary's wedding at the time.) So much love and so many Grant family breakfasts , lunch and dinners have been served at this table. I love the drawer at the bottom for storage of linens. The little doggies love the shelf because it helps them crawl into their "mother's" laps at dinner time and when we have a crowd...all 8 of us when Chris and Hillary are here, I pull in the little counter stools that are behind the couch. I mentioned them in a past blog. I got them for $10 each on craigslist. It seats all of us comfortably.
The room is not finished yet. It is a cutout design just off the kitchen with lots of morning sun which we love. I am still searching for just the right art pieces or iron, old signage maybe to complete the look around those windows. I am also looking for just the right round rug for underneath it just to warm the room and give it some definition and color. The centerpiece came from an old clock face that had broken over our many moves that I originally purchased at my sister in law's store in Telluride. It works beautifully with the shape and size of the table as a centerpiece base.  Rick has threatened to put a lazy susan bottom on it to make it more functional...MEN??? Right now the centerpiece I am using is a garden finial I purchased at ARC for $4.99 I am hoping that if I sprinkle enough garden elements around the house that spring will come early! Don't forget to spring forward this weekend! Too bad we will lose an hour of thrifting pleasure but it will stay light later so that we can spend more time with our families outside as the weather warms up and enjoy our finds. The MSRP on the table was $1598!
Tomorrow I am going to share in my blog the how to's of  re-finishing an almost 7 foot solid pine buffet I came across on Craigslist. it was a steal at $150...there is a story behind it and I am going to use it in my dining room when I am finished with it...keep up that great thrifting! XOXO The thrift addict.


Mary Bradley said...

Kathryn, I LOVE the lock face centerpiece! Clever, clever, clever! Kent & I have had a lazy susan on our table for as long as I can remember, & we couldn't live without it now! So...ah,...'s hard to spit out...that man in your house might be smarter than you're giving him credit for...

Nice job. I'm loving your blog!

Kathryn Grant said...

Ha Ha Ha! You know Rick is a super smart guy. I hate to admit it too...LOL. With that throat hurts now...I use that clock in so many different places and I am constantly changing that centerpiece so if he were to put a lazy susan on the bottom I couldn't move it from the table and I know that I will want to when my mood changes. (Did I mention that is an hourly occurrance???) :) You are my favorite "follower." Thanks for the encouragement Mary. XOXO