Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute little muslin flowers...Here's how!

It all started with this lamp I saw at Pier1. It was a linen shade with cute little muslin flowers glued to the bottom with a crystal rhinestone in the center. I fell in love. When I discovered some discarded muslin in one of the fabric sections of ARC, I knew it was destiny! Here is how to make the little flowers. I put them on everything from lamp shades to journal covers to reusable shopping bags. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!
Here is the pile of muslin that I got at ARC for $3.99! It was about three yards!
First you cut a strip of fabric about four to five inches wide and 18 inches long

Next cut the strip of fabric into five pieces. Four of them square and sort of graduating down in size from 4" X 4" to 2.5" X 4" and then the fifth is only about an inch wide.
Take the largest square piece and fold in half. Then cut in a smooth curvy pattern from bottom to top so that you make "petals" around the edges. Unfold and it looks like the photo below. Repeat for all four square pieces of fabric. These are your layers.
Unfolded square piece after you cut the petal pattern around edges.
There is nothing scientific about it. As random as nature can your layers be! The layer on the far left was more oblong than square so it turned out a little weird but the end product is perfect. You can't tell it was any different!
Start with the largest layer and take your glue gun to make a quarter sized circle of glue in the middle of it. Then take the next smallest layer and put on top. I like to pinch it together in the middle. It makes the layer curl up a little and gives a layered look to the final flower.
Repeat with the other two layers. You are building the flower.
Remember that skinny layer? It forms the center. Fold it in half to make about a 1/2 " wide strip. Begin rolling it from one end. Have your glue gun handy so you can dab some glue along the edge. Leaving one end open and curling all the way, dab some hot glue on the end to keep it from unraveling. Glue closed end into the middle of the layers to complete the flower.
SUPER CUTE!!!!! I love pinning these to t-shirts, hats, and bags. Smaller versions can go on gloves, journals, hand made notes etc. You can also do this same flower out of tissue paper and adorn gift bags with it.
All with muslin from the thrift store.....XOXO the thrift addict.

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