Friday, March 18, 2011

A fun and funky St. Patrick's day party!

Just a quick blog today. I have so much planned for next week. I will share with you some of my upscale yard sale ideas as well. I started putting things out today and have already sold over $300 just to the neighbors and some friends. That is tomorrow. For now...St. Patrick's day in a jif. My husband (Rick) called me yesterday morning and told me that the place to shop for St. Patty's day food was Safeway. He texted me a quick shopping list and then said to invite some friends over! Impromptu party later. Here is what we did. We had our friends Wendy and Todd over and their son who is my youngest son Kieran's best friend and then after work their daughter dropped by and after some serious hot tubbing with my 19 year old Ashton, I think they finally wrapped up about 2:00 A.M. Oh....... to be so young again!!! Anyway, I didn't panic, rather thought of all of the green things that I could pull together to set a theme. The following photos are what happened. My first attempt at corned beef and cabbage ended up pretty good. Throw out some Guiness light brew and some carrot cake, store bought soda bread for the meal and some smoked salmon and various yummy Irish cheeses and you have a gourmet meal for your friends. I also brewed up some lemonade with floating fruit in these cute little vintage pitchers I scored for $3.99 each at Goodwill and we had a great time! Here goes...
Vintage table cloth I already had. Goodwill $3.99. 4 green placemats I scored from ARC for $2.00 total for centerpiece. The apples I got from ARC for $1.99 for all three stems and the clock face I already had. The cake was on sale at Safeway and the cake platter I stole from my candle centerpiece off of my coffee table. I had bought it thrift late last year.
Close up of centerpiece.
Corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots
Todd and Rick enjoying the Irish beer!

Frosted mugs for the beer!

Kieran Sara and Tristan sharing an Irish hug!
I love this vintage looking apron I got at TJMaxx for $9. ...Oh yes I AM a Maxxinista!
Remember that I only had about 6 hours to pull together this little gathering. It all came together so well and we had a wonderful time with our friends Todd and Wendy!
Anyone can do this. Just look around your house for items that are green! It can be anything from a houseplant to a placemat or napkin to a green glass. Anything works! Happy Thrifting! XOXO...the thrift addict.

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