Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A fun day at the thrift stores

On Saturday, my oldest daughter Taylor and I went thrifting together. We absolutely love it. We can stay side by side and admire things together or go our separate ways and show each other our finds once we are through looking. Either way, we enjoy each other's company very much and always have such a great time. I will show you some of the items that we found while on our trip in a later blog when I reveal my formal living area. It is in progress and I don't want to let you peak before it's all done. Taylor and I spent the entire day together Saturday until our eyes were literally bugging out! We didn't make it to three thrift stores in town that I really wanted to visit, so I went yesterday for a quick trip through and found some really cool stuff. The pictures below will tell the story. Since we just moved into our new house, I am busy furnishing it so everything that I see, I want to keep. Unfortunately I can't do that since I run a booth at a local antique mall called A & J's. I have to find wonderful things, love them and let them go to be re-sold in the booth. Thrifting is fun but it's also my job! Never did I think that I would become a professional "thrifter" but here I am today having the time of my life! I have captioned the photos so that you can see the absolutely wonderful things you can purchase thrift. My trips yesterday were to Goodwill and ARC thrift store. The most amazing find is at the very bottom of the blog.
Cutest little flower and bee frame 49 cents
Love this little pillow $1.99

Cool wire basket $2.99
Little garden kitty $2.99 Original price sticker was still on it. Hobby Lobby $19.99
Four adorable spring colored madras placemats. Mint condition $4.00
The coolest vintage clock $6.99. Has woodgrain 3" framing. Very Pottery Barn
Sorry for the blurry photo. This is a vintage solid silver floor lamp. Don't know how long ago it dates back to but I picked it up for $14.99. The following photos show a little of it's detailing. Very cool.
Very shabby chic with the marks on the silver. I didn't dare clean it up. Electricity works very well too!

Four of the most adorable vintage dessert plates. These were hard to let go of since I am having an old time BBQ housewarming party in June. I am using vintage oilcloth table cloths, vintage plates and tea cups etc. I paid 49 cents a piece for these.

The most adorable iron leafy lamp you will ever see. It had a different shade on it so I switched it (totally allowed) and added a muslin flower to it. Super girly and vintage looking. Paid $2.99 total.
I can't resist a vintage floral pillow. I found two matching for $1.99 each. So cute and in great condition!

Great floorcloth in super condition. Spring greens and creams. Not a stain on it! $2.99

I couldn't pass up this little Special day plate. Someone will snatch it up at the booth! 50 cents!
And now the crown jewel of my finds from yesterday! Something drew me into the old book section. I am trying to fill an antique china hutch I just picked up off craigslist and I have a collection of old Bibles that I am trying to add to so maybe I had that in the back of my mind. Anyway, I picked up this little red book of prayers called "Daily Strengths for Daily Needs." I googled it and it has been reproduced over 6 million times! Anyway, before I got to the checkout, I opened the pages and look what I found...Check out the publishing date!

I knew I had discovered something wonderful! I love the book. The bible verses are in old english and the advice is written in such a way that it has to be read twice to actually understand what the writer was saying. I am sure it is worth more than the $3.99 I paid for it. I am going to talk to someone at the antique store today and see what they think. I am going to keep it not sell, but it will be interesting to find out how much it's worth. I'll let you know later! Happy Thrifting XOXO The thrift addict.


Mary Bradley said...

Hi, Kathryn! I'm thrilled to be a fan of this blog!!! I mentioned the Sophisticated Finishes craft paint that I used to refinish all of my brass light fixtures and the door handles and faucet fixtures in my guest bathroom. I adore the blackened bronze finish and buy it at Michael's when I can use a 40% off coupon ($6 instead of $10)!

Here's one of many websites that tells about it and shows what the bottle looks like:


Love you, Kathryn!

Jessica Diane said...

I LOVE this blog. I have that leafy lamp =] The shade you put on it is beautiful. Did you make the flower or buy it? I love you Kathryn, your creativity makes me so excited.