Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fast and easy chalk board!

I found this board at the thrift store. It had the little knobs already on it and a place for chalk at the bottom but no chalk board! I don't know what it was in it's past life, but it was screaming to be a place for family messages or a cute menu board, so I bought it for $4.99 and invested in some chalk board paint from Home Depot and here is how it went!
The little board that could!

First step...use painter's tape to tape off the area that is going to be the actual chalk board.
This is how it looks with the first coat of chalk board paint on it. I used a natural bristle brush that was about 2.5 " wide but you can use a sponge brush or a roller as well. I just didn't have one handy.

Here is the second coat. You can still see some of the board coming through so I will end up applying a third coat as well. I let dry on my deck in the hot Colorado sunshine about an hour between coats but drying time will vary depending upon where you are located, humidity etc.

Here is the finished product! It is so cute and ready to use. The size of this board is about 18" by 30". You could easily make another one with a pre-cut board of any size and some pegs. Just drill the holes, glue the pegs in and there you go! You would need a router to do the fancy chalk tray or you could find a small ready made tray and attach it.
Remember I found this discarded at the thrift store!!!! Happy Thrifting XOXO the thrift addict.

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