Monday, April 11, 2011

Darling little re-purposed doggie bed

I found this cute little wicker doggie bed at ARC in Loveland. I thought that it would be super cute if I fixed it up for my grand-baby Harlow. She is the cutest little yorkie ever weighing in just under 3 pounds. She thinks she is a pit bull and is very defensive of her mother Hillary. What a cutie. I was lucky enough to find the pillow for it in the pillow section. It had been separated in the store. What a find. The wicker was sort of damaged in the front where the previous furry friend must have used it to chew on. Here is how it went!
Here is that little cupcake. Isn't she adorable????

This is the bed when I brought it home. Not in bad shape at all. Just a little of the wicker is chewed on the front. This is how you fix that. If you have any baskets at home that need it. It is an easy fix.
You can see where the edges just needed a little help.

I found this paper cording stuff at ARC for $3.99 a couple of years ago. It was used for making paper bows when that country look was in. It's peach colored but that doesn't matter on items you are going to fix and then paint. it paints just like wicker.

Use hot glue to glue in pieces you need to fill in and wrap them just as you would wicker.

I made this little name tage after I painted the basket and it was drying. I used an off white spray paint for the basket. Some alphabet stamps, an ivy stamp and some antique rust around the edges on some card stock made this name tag so cute.

I made a little muslin flower (directions on how to do these is in an earlier post) and put it at the top to make it girly for little miss and then after stamping Harlow's name on a cardstock piece, I used packing tape to laminate it, punched a hole on either side with a hole punch and then used some hemp cording to tie it to the basket. I know she is going to love it and Hillary is going to be super surprised. I have two other grand babies...Barkley and Oakley that are going to need some TLC as well, so I will keep looking and see what I can find. I re-did this cute little bed for under $5. Happy Thrifting XOXO the thrift addict.

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