Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Baskets Refurbished!!!

My children are a huge part of my life. All I ever wanted was a house full of children and my husband of 29 years and I have been blessed with just that. We have three girls and two boys. Our life has been full of light and love and blessings since we first layed eyes on our now 26 year old Taylor. Hillary is married and soon to be 23 in May and Ashton will be 20 in June. We also have two boys Tristan who is 15 and Kieran who just earned the rite of teenager (13) in November. We have moved a dozen times (actually more) but it's a long story and over the years, the kid's Easter baskets have gotten really trashed. I custom made my girls' Easter baskets when they were just babies. Each one matched their nursery. When the boys came along, I just used plain baskets. This year I decided to refurbish those little baskets and am going to allow the girls to take them after Easter Sunday and keep them for themselves. Maybe this will encourage us to all be together on Easter. (How am I going to fill them up if they aren't here...I know...sneaky.) I am not giving a step by step of these because just finding the time to do them was a challenge, but I wanted to share the after. They are super cute. I already filled Hillary's and sent it so that it would arrive in NC by Easter.
Each of these baskets reflects the character of the girls. I recreated them in the same color scheme as their nursery. I can't believe how true to their personalities they are even today.
This is Taylor's. Her nursery was in peach and pastels. I added the branch element to update it for a more contemporary adult look. The small white hydrangeas elicit a certain element of elegance. This is my Taylor. Always prepared, always in control, always classy.

This is Hillary's basket. She had a nursery with pastel colors as well. She carried her blankie around with her for 7 years or longer until we had to put it away reserving it for sleepovers and dance conventions. She had me sew a heart patch from her blankie into her wedding dress for her something old. So sweet. I'll never forget it.

This is Ashton's basket. Her nursery was in brighter colors and the flowers match her bright personality. I added the butterfly because like Ashton, the butterfly emerges and changes and doesn't feel boundaries. I love that about Ashton and this basket really reflects her personality.

I am proud of myself for finding the time to refurbish these baskets. It has been a goal of mine for several years now. Finally it's done...happy thrifting and happy Easter! XOXO the thrift addict.

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