Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two quickie before and after tables...SUPER CUTE!

Well...the good news is that those two little cabinets and the red chest that I painted last Sunday sold in the booth at A & J's Antiques! The bad news is that I needed more to put into the booth, so.....I rushed out this morning before 9:00 a.m. to pay $5 for this little antique telephone table. It was super cute and the results were amazing. I also had started a project about a year ago that I never finished. A little hexagonal table with a storage cabinet inside. So cute but could never get inspired on the color. Unless a project just speaks to me about what color to paint it then I leave it for awhile. Life got busy and a year later...hahahaha! Oh well. Here goes. Instructions along the way.. Here is the before:
I wasn't worried about the veneer being damaged on the top of the table because you can just pull it off easily and I was going to paint it anyway. Check out the next step.
Just pulled all the veneer off. Took about five minutes. Then I sanded the rough edges and the top so that any veneer glue was smoothed off.
I put a messy coat of robin's egg blue over the entire table. You can sort of tell from the photo that I left the original dark finish showing on the legs. I wanted this effect. It was such a cool contrast. Loved it.
Went back after the paint was dry and did a dry brush coat of denim blue paint to give the table some depth. I then did a light sanding along the edges and finished off with a coat of Polycrylic. Such a cute little table. It's in the booth at A & J's now waiting for a new home!
Another quick look at the BEFORE
You guys know how I love multiple here is the table that I had in the garage for a year. It already had the gripper coat on it. I painted it a celery green and then did a denim blue wash over the entire thing. I did a shabby chic coat of cream on the handles and then dry brushed some blue on them. I sanded off the handles to make them look worn....check it out. Here's the before.

I got excited and started painting before I took the "before" photo...oops!

Coated the entire table in that pretty celery green.
After it dried I applied a denim blue stain. The difference between a dry brush coat and a stain is that the stain is actually a watered down paint color and it is applied with a brush then wiped off with a wet cloth. A dry brush is solid paint applied with a dry brush so that there is space between the bristles and a streaked effect is accomplished.

Applied a cream color to the handles then denim blue dry brush over that. Let dry.
Sanded back off just a little bit to give the handles some character. Original dark brass shows through.
Distressed the entire cabinet with 3X sandpaper around all edges and top. Re-attached the handles and then put a Polycrylic satin coat over the entire thing. Let dry in the sun and took it up to my booth at A & J's !
Here's the final pic...

The most important thing to remember is that this is all THRIFT! I am addicted. When I can turn someone's throw away in to something so cool...I love it! It makes me feel really good and like a dog and a bath...the piece smiles back at me when I am done in gratefulness! I love it! Happy Thrifting! XOXO the thrift addict.

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